Produced with 100% Mexican fibers and materials such as suede, wood, pure cotton and sansevieria, Coqui Coqui Oficios Artesanos celebrates a primitive, luxurious way of living and travelling. 

Each product is created from the beautiful Mexican traditional culture which involves the Mayan beliefs, the Franciscan colonial style, the remains of the European vibe, as well as the minimalism from modern society.


The Hamacas are one of the most significant pieces from the Yucatecan culture: re-inventing the concept of relaxing, in a beautiful natural way, creating Hamacas made of Sansevieria with long fringes.

Sansevieria is a plant used by only few remaining artisans who still know and value the technique of making threads from its leaves. Its fiber is strong and durable, becoming softer and more luminous using it in your daily life.



For the great interest in unique heritage pieces from our guests and friends, we imagined and created a travels & adventures gamuza (suede) line, which includes extra-large travel bags, totes, sports bags as well as 48h-business-trip bag; combined with passport and personal values holders.

Handmade in Valladolid, each product is a combination between style and comfort, as well as being very easy-to-wear, at the beach, in a jungle exploration, for a shopping day in the city or for a ride to any beautiful destination. 

Following this path, we integrated a few portable and folding furniture pieces entirely made in suede and wood: a folding deck chair with its footstool, a folding explorer chair, and lastly a luggage rack.

This concept was born thanks to the talks and thoughts with friends, guests and clients who have experienced and appreciated Coqui Coqui at the beach, in the jungle, walking through colonial little streets, and in the eclectic vibe of the decadent Yucatán’s capitol.