LA perfumeria


The deeply rooted, mystical town of Valladolid was built as the historical product of pre-Hispanic and colonial culture and tradition. With a rich history and story, Valladolid sits in the heart of the enchanting Yucatan Peninsula. The privileged climate offers warmth from the suns rays all year long, making it an ideal destination for travelers from all over the world. Not surprisingly, this colorful town is one of the most important for distribution of national and international tourism within the Yucatan. Aside from the iconic colorful buildings and cobblestone pathways, Valladolid has an important history that’s been grounded in the art of perfume making for many years. During the colonization of the New World, the Franciscan friars were commissioned by the queen of Spain to collect flowers, woods and exotic herbs with the help of the Mayans. The repertoire varied little by little, and eventually they created a botanical catalogue with the most unique Yucatan-born formulas for cologne, emulsions and scents, which were used to perfume the entire Spanish Empire for almost 300 years. 

Paying homage to this legacy, while reviving and continuing the unique history of Valladolid, Coqui Coqui founder & perfumer Nicolas Malleville became completely enthralled by the beauty, folklore and cultural history he discovered here. Today, Coqui Coqui’s flagship perfumery is housed within a XVI century building and situated on Calzada de Los Frailes, one of the most beautiful streets in Valladolid that’s only few blocks away from the Convent of San Bernardino de Siena. Coqui Coqui Valladolid La Perfumería is an elegant, almost monastic one-suite residence — a tropical sanctuary from the quiet hustle and bustle of small-town life. With original moorish tile floors, high ceilings, wooden beams, large hanging antique mirrors stained by the slow passage of time, and dark wood furniture, the perfumeries’ decor holds such quiet elegance. Melt away any stress and relax with a fragrant bath in the free-standing bathtub upstairs. Indulge in the luxurious four-post bed and fall asleep with sweet scents of tobacco leaves, orange blossoms and lime trees drifting throughout the air. Our one-suite residence features two private terraces, a private plunge pool, an expansive and dreamy floral garden, and a tranquil outdoor spa, all waiting to be discovered. Allow Coqui Coqui Valladolid to become your calming home away from home, a peaceful sanctuary after days spent exploring the heritage, folklore, and cultural landmarks of Valladolid and other close landmarks such as Chichen Itza and Ek Balam. 

At the center of our Residences & Spas are the fragrances that you will be led to discover during your stay at the perfumeria. This collection has been inspired by the fruits, flowers, herbs and woods found within the landscapes of the Yucatán Peninsula, as they are the heart of the place. Furthermore, you can relax in the unique salon degustacion and enjoy a fresh brewed coffee, a steaming herbal & floral infusion, or even one of our cacao, honeys and vanillas found within the café. We also welcome you to find peacefulness with one of our unique spa experiences that showcase scents of the Yucatán, while you’re surrounded by the perfumeria’s lush tropical garden. Whatever your desire, Coqui Coqui Valladolid welcomes you with its discreetly elegant and sophisticated refuge, a place where life slows down and opens up to a new dimension of rustic luxury and wonder.