Salon degustacion & Restaurant

Coqui Coqui opens its doors to the gastronomic world for us to continue our journey, absorbing the best of the Yucatan Peninsula, a region rich in natural resources and with a strong identity in regional cuisine.

We seek to foster and support the development of sustainable agriculture creating our own orchards in Coba which provide a variety of ingredients to create delicious dishes, taking the traditional side and giving our own contemporary twist to align with our lifestyle. That is why we have created a variety of dishes and cocktails that best represent us to give our guests a unique and complete experience.

The menu was thoroughly curated by our chef to transform our vision into a culinary experience. Playing with textures, colours, aromas and flavours our creations pay homage to the best of the region from our starters and main courses to our desserts and cocktails.

We invite you to be part of this special experience.

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